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The Basement Information Centre
Riverside House
4 Meadows Business Park
Station Approach
Surrey GU17 9AB

Tel: 01276 33155
Fax: 01276 38899

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The Basement Information Centre

Essentially we are a national centre for information about the development and use of basements in new or existing dwellings.

Click on find services (here or above) to search for one of our members who can supply materials or service for your basement. Watch this site as more information, products and services are added. It will be developed in response to your comments.

Everybody wins when you choose a basement:

Homeowners gain:

Developers gain:

The environment gains:

More living space

Enhanced property values

Better utilisation of building land

Improved use of sites with difficult ground

Reduced energy demand

Decreased use of insulation materials


The Virtual Basement

About Us

The Basement Information Centre (TBIC) is a formalisation of the original Basement Development Group, which was set up in 1992, to encourage further development and provide information on domestic basements. It was formed as a direct result of the interest in basements being shown by both builders and their clients, and in recognition of the benefits that they offer. Access to the current list of members may be found at the bottom of this page.

The Challenge
There is a recognised need for more housing in the UK. The availability of land and its quality is declining, and environmental issues need to be tackled. There is also a requirement for greater adaptability in housing to cater for the changes in lifestyle. It is clearly in the national interest that these challenges are addressed and where possible solved by the application of cost-effective construction.

A Solution
The provision of basements to new housing would dramatically improve land utilisation, improve energy consumption and could provide homes capable of coping with changes in lifestyle. The increased depth of foundations should also assist in overcoming poor ground conditions. The adaptation and improvement in performance of existing basements would likewise help meet the challenges being faced.

The Objectives
The general objectives of the Centre are:

  • To promote the greater and better use of basements on new developments within the UK, and to encourage the improvement of existing basements and retro-fit basements.
  • To provide a forum to review design, construction and workmanship issues.
  • To aid the development of guidance documents aimed at simplifying design, and improving the performance and reliability of basement construction.
  • To provide information on products and materials for use in basement design and construction.
  • To provide a forum to monitor and provide comments on Codes, Standards, regulations and planning issues affecting basement design and use.
  • To identify future research and development needs.
  • To encourage good practice in design and construction through the media and through education and training.


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