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Newton HydroBond System Explained

08 Dec 2021

The Newton HydroBond System is a high-performance, Type A waterproofing system designed to be applied to the outside of the structure. The system is either pre-applied below the concrete raft/slab and wall building line, or post-applied where conventional formwork is removed to expose the outside of the basement walls. 

Flooding and Basement Design

12 Oct 2021

The following opinion piece from James Berry, Property Care Association, was first published in August 2021. Reports of London underwater have been a regular occurrence over the past few months. 

Fulfilling your CPD Requirements – Structural Waterproofing

28 Sep 2021

Latest news from Delta: As in most professions, doing continuing professional development (CPD) is obligatory, especially for RIBA for Members. Doing CPDs helps you to stay competent, efficient, and flexible in your approach as an architect, Specifier or Designer. 

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