Remedial works to double basement, Notting Hill

18 February 2022


Basement type: Retrofit Building type: Residential 
Type of waterproofing: Type C

Member: Newton Waterproofing Systems

Newton were approached by the desperate client at this large terraced property in Notting Hill, having had a second basement level excavated beneath the existing basement and the front and rear gardens.

Unfortunately, bad waterproofing design and workmanship meant the basement had flooded immediately upon completion – the builder ceased trading and, following a legal case, the architect and structural engineer were found culpable.


The Project

Newton recommended an experienced specialist contractor in order to assess the failure and propose a comprehensive solution.

The experts at the specialist contractor identified a litany of issues, from the weak, permeable structure to the lack of continuous waterproofing between levels, the inadequate pumping system, the blocked cavity drain system, and the non-existent external deck waterproofing and drainage, amongst others.

The Solution

Once structural reinforcing works had taken place, the waterproofing contractors proceeded by:

  • Reinforcing dry pack joints with HydroSeal 313-WP and HydroSeal 103 2K
  • Sealing voids and structural weaknesses with Newton Injection Resins
  • Preparing all internal surfaces before spraying HydroSeal 103 2K
  • Adhering insulation beneath soffits, providing an integral vapour barrier
  • Installing a full Newton CDM System with a dedicated Titan-Pro sump chamber, dual NP750 pumps and Victron battery backup protection
  • Waterproofing both decks with Newton’s liquid primers and membranes, overlaid and protected by a NewSeal 408 DeckDrain membrane

The Result

The waterproofing contractor delivered an exceptional waterproofing design and installation for the client, who now has a watertight and guaranteed two-level basement beneath their home, that they can enjoy in full for the first time in many years.

Download the case study PDF.